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Micropigmentation Centre — About us

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About us

Micropigmentation center  – the only one in the Baltics!
This center is unique because of the highest level of professionalism and the widest selection of approaches, methods and procedures.

We have all heard about: micropigmetation, permanent make up, contour make up, tattoo. We are not always aware of the differences between those methods but actually the differences between some of them can be significant. Understanding these differences can save you from mistakes and ensure optimal choice. 
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Specialists of the micropigmentaion center ‘Goldeneye’ – are our foundation and our pride.
Their experience, talent and knowledge guarantee attention and care that micropigmentation requires.
Despite the fact that this micropigmetation center is new, many of our specialists have been working in the industry for more than ten years. In the 90ies they pioneered permanent make up and this experience and practice was important to further their skills into micropigmentaion.
They have been trained by the founders of micropigmentation method: Mario Gisbert and Holger Hofman using equipment, manufactured by Goldeneye.
This collaboration increased our employees’ competences to the highest international standards and now they are ready to share. If you want to learn all the secrets of long-term make up from the best sign up for a training course in our salon.
And for those who want to learn our miracle make up methods, we recommend to book an individual consultation.
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How important is the method?
The choice of the appropriate method is important for all procedures, because each method brings different result. Naturally, this does not deny the importance of the masters’ skill and quality of the products. But we pay attention to all.
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So why is micropigmentation special?
Micropigmentation has not been known for a long time but its success spread quickly and gains popularity among specialists.
Highly medical component of some methods, a huge variety of drawing and application techniques is a chance to discover the talents of our masters, who are always happy to offer something new, something different to our customers.
Many equate micropigmentation with permanent make up, but these two procedures are not the same. Others believe that micropigmentation shifts permanent make up, but this is untrue as well.
Chronologically, method of micropigmentation came after permanent make up and the best features of permanent make up lay the foundation for new micropigmentation method. However micropigmentation is new in principle. The pigment implantation requires the latest equipment and improved standards of hygiene, health and safety. It is the key to the success of the method, that makes it different from all other methods and promises it the leading place in the beauty industry. Due to this reason we emphasize again that micropigmentation must not be confused with permanent make up, line make up, dermo – pigmentation, tattooing and other methods.
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Micropigmentation center works with German equipment manufacturers Goldeneye. It was not difficult to find and choose this company. The exquisitely precise world of the latest technological development removed any trace of doubt. New approach and fresh look at the possibilities of micropigmentation, high standarts and attention to hygiene and safety – are close to our belief system, and provided a basis for our initial co-operation.
We were at the right time in the right place!
Our team was completely fascinated with the creative process. Established trust and understanding allowed our specialists to make contribution to equipment modernization, pigments, training process, and whole process of equipment manufacture.
Knowledge, experience and practice gained over the years let them learn every detail of Goldeneye equipment. It is unique in many ways (many parts and details of the equipment are patented) but is well-designed and easy to use. All contact parts of devices are disposable and the constant innovation allows leadership in competition. However, the most striking feature of this equipment is that it is not adapted but purpose built from scratch.
Only Goldeneye equipment is suitable to penetrate the layer of skin with pigment. To do so successfully it is not enough to draw the contours well, it can be only done with appropriate equipment. High quality of equipment makes Goldeneye to stand out among the competitors.
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Our center does not only offer micropigmentation. Other procedures are also available. For those who want to know more about cosmetological procedures (face and body care, waxing, eyelash extensions, body piercing and other) we invite you to visit our beauty salon Galateja… Specialists of our Microcenter will offer you micropigmentation, micropuncture, permanent make up or tattoo corrections using either laser or chemical methods, filler injections, and all kinds of make up.

The main part of our price list is dedicated to micropigmentation. This method allows more than traditional „outlining” or „outlining with shading effect”. You can choose colour or shimmer for eyes , highlighting or shading over/under lips and eyebrows, different effects, for example „Smokey eyes” and many others.
With micropigmentation you can achieve infinitely more than conventional makeup can give. During the initial consultation you will have a chance to try on many effects and of cause you can get  answers to your questions.
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Laser tattoo removal
We also offer tattoo and permanent make-up removal.
Do not be afraid of the word „removal” even though it sounds clinical, like a surgical procedure, it is a non-invasive method that does not include surgery. Judicious choice or combination of these methods with added camouflage (if needed) provide excellent corrective results. We always choose the most sensitive method that will not leave any unwanted marking of the skin.
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Micropuncture- new and effective solution to skin problems such as: age-related changes, dryness, vascular insufficiency, and others. Today increasing number of people are resoting to procedures such as: rejuvenation, restoration, strengthening of skin and others. The specialists of our center did not stay aside and offer their know-how - micropuncture. Micropuncture gives you more than, for example, mesotherapy or other methods.  Micropuncture compares to other methods more favorably. Micropuncture is suitable for treatments of acne, allergic eczema, age-related changes, excessive skindryness due to sun damage, and other problems. Micropuncture requires special equipment that is only available from Goldeneye.
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Filler injections and revitalization
Wrinkles and facial lines are upsetting, unfortunately we cannot erase them with traditional make up.
With age skin tends to „fall through”- due to loss of some soft tissue. The skin can be ‘raised’ by implant injections of different depth depending on the esthetical need.
We follow the latest methods of countour and bulk plastics. In this day and age the busy lifestyle demands immediate results and this is one more benefit of our „Beauty injections”. In our center we use widely knows cosmetic fillers Surgiderm made by Allergan company. Variation in the products’ combination allows for a wider range of filling and revitalizing procedures.
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Make up
We offer to finish any procedure with elegant make up. Not only make up emphasizes attractive features of your face, but it protects your skin from the adverse elements. We work with professional brand Stage Line. Our make up artists will be happy to help you choose the right make up and to show you how to use it. Alternatively they will be happy to prepare your make up for important occasions or business meetings.
Good news for those who are keen on micropigmentation! The specialists of our center will show you a pre-drawing. You will not doubt your choice ever again. All the benefits of micropigmentation can be immediately seen in your mirror.
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Micropigmentation center achievements
A micropigmentation center team of specialists can be proud of their achievements. Our teachers trained over 300 professionals of micropigmentation in different countries.

We are the international division of Goldeneye and are responsible for preparing teachers of Micropigmentation in the Baltics, Ukraine and Russia.
We have prepared a licensed teaching program for aesthetic and beauty schools students, where our trainers explain the philosophy of micropigmentation and demonstrate all the range of micropigmentation potential in practice.
Names of our specialists appear among the authors of books on micropigmentation and are recognized among the speakers of international congresses.
One of the special achievements - international permanent make up and Micropigmentation Perfect Line competition of experts, which has successfully taken place many times in different countries. Our name also featured in many professional journal articles and in professional exhibitions.
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